Bull bar Grille guard; Bumper

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Stainless Bull bar  Grille guard  Bumper

Shown bars are manufactured for particular car by:

- Model

- Year

- Car Version (number of doors)

As a set client receive high quality, strong bars together with all necessary fasteners which fits car factory mounting points of chosen car. Installation do not require any special skills. Bars are installed directly to main car supporting frame elements.

Such way of installation beyond the aesthetic provides outstanding car protection. The bars are manufactured from the high quality T-304 full stainless steel . Bars are high quality mirror look polished not chromed.  The thickness of the tube wall is 2,3mm! with whole tube diameter 60mm, what makes it really strong. We give 5 years warranty against rust and corrosion for this bars!

By installing our high quality bars to your car you gets:

- Outstanding car look and safety

- Greater strength of the car

- Greater car passengers protection for side hits

- Additional car side body protection against abrasion


grille guard ( low ) Sr Fi 60 300 EUR
grille guard ( low + grill) Sr Fi 60 345 EUR
grille guard ( high + grill) Sr Fi 60 370 EUR
The set of side stainless steel high quality bars with all necessary fasteners. Sr Fi 60 250 EUR/set
Platforms - - - 350 EUR/set

Hhalogens 100 EUR/set

~ 1EUR = 4,1 zl